LOCKDOWN CHALLENGE: Hold a Motorcycle Movie Festival

By Danny Holmes

Published April 13, 2020 #movies #films

Like many motorcyclists grounded by COVID-19, I find myself with the opportunity for guilt-free escapism by hosting our own front-room, biker-movie festival. I started making a list of worthy films to rent or buy over the weeks of lockdown ahead. Which motorcycling oriented feature films are currently available, given that all the shops are shut, and which are worth watching? After several weeks of lockdown, the list had grown to over 400 movies.


The following table shows the top-rated motorcycle movie in each genre according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) (April 2020). Continue reading to discover the full list of over 400 films.
GenreTitleYearWeighted Rating
ActionTerminator 2: Judgment Day19918.5
AdultBad, Bad, Gang!19725.5
AdventureThe Great Escape19638.2
BiographyThe World's Fastest Indian20057.8
BiographyThe Motorcycle Diaries20047.8
ComedySherlock Jr.19248.2
CrimePulp Fiction19948.9
DocumentaryHitting the Apex20158.2
DramaPulp Fiction19948.9
FamilyWhy We Ride20137.2
FantasyThese Are The Damned19626.5
HistoryThe Great Escape19638.2
HorrorDawn of the Dead19787.9
MusicalPurple Rain19846.6
MysteryElectra Glide in Blue19737.1
RomanceSherlock Jr.19248.2
Sci-FiTerminator 2: Judgment Day19918.5
ShortScorpio Rising19636.8
ShortThey Caught the Ferry19486.8
SportHitting the Apex20158.2
ThrillerDawn of the Dead19787.9
WarNam Angels19895.4
WesternThe Best Bar In America20096.2
WesternThe Best Bar in America20096.2
Top-rated motorcycle movie per genre. Source: IMDB.

What qualifies a film to be included in a list of biker movies? Is it enough that the main protagonist is lured to a biker bar, like the vampire feeding haunt ‘La Tetilla del Diablo’ in ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ (1996)? What if the only riding to be seen in the movie is a short, 250cc-charged chase; the opening sequence for ‘Skyfall’ (2012) or the fight scene in ‘Gemini Man’ (2019)?

Even avoiding TV episodes, focusing on the big screen, the list of festival contenders had soon grown to over 400 titles.

The following is based on a ‘snapshot’ taken in April 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown in the United Kingdom.

Ranking motorcycle movies

Movie ratings

Is it possible (or desirable) to produce a prioritised viewing and shopping list based on movie ratings that can be found on sites like the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)   , Rotten Tomatoes   or Amazon   ? Perhaps IMDb and Amazon ratings together would give consensus about which films are worth watching. However, for the 400 plus biker movies identified, there are very significant differences in the distributions of average ratings.

  • Amazon voters tend to give a significantly higher rating than would be expected if the same group of people were voting on both sites.
  • Average ratings on Amazon are centered around a high score of 4.5. The same films show a much greater spread in popularity according to IMDb.

It seems as though there are two distinct populations of film enthusiasts voting on the different platforms. We can only speculate why that might be the case. Perhaps voters on Amazon had recently bought the films themselves and are therefore pre-disposed towards giving their latest purchases higher votes compared to someone who may be recalling an earlier screening.

Comparison of IMDb and Amazon ratings, April 2020

There is some agreement amongst the mainstream titles, which receive the highest number of votes on both platforms, and ‘Motocross Zombies from Hell’ is the lowest rated film on both IMDb and Amazon.

There are many discrepancies, however, with high-scoring films on one site receiving a low rating on the other. The two motorcycle films with the highest average rating, according to IMDb, are ‘Girl Gone Bad’ (2000) and ‘Redline America’ (2008). Both films scored 9 out of 10, out-gunning ‘The Great Escape’ (1963), ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ (2015) and ‘Akira’ (1988). Is this justified?

Number of votes

When comparing ratings, it is important to consider the absolute number of votes a film receives. Motorcycle films which receive the highest number of votes according to IMDb are dominated by mainstream, action movies. A notable exception is the 1988 benchmark Manga animation ‘Akira’ set in post-world war III Neo-Tokyo. If over 150 thousand people have, on average, given ‘Akira’ a rating of 8.5/10 then we can be pretty certain that this is a ‘good’ movie. (Of course, that isn’t to say that specific GS or Harley riders have the same values and would therefore agree with rating given by the population of IMDb users. After having watched it, I still struggle to explain what it is about.)

By comparison, the highly rated ‘Girl Gone Bad’ (2000) and ‘Redline America’ (2008) received only 21 and 9 votes respectively. Can we be sure that they would retain such high average ratings if these films were reviewed another five or ten thousand bikers (or IMDb site users)?

Pulp Fiction19941,741,603
Terminator 2: Judgment Day1991956,830
Mad Max: Fury Road2015831,009
The Place Beyond The Pines2012236,079
Ghost Rider2007216,624
The Great Escape1963214,542
Mad Max1979183,839
Tomorrow Never Dies1997174,989
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior1981160,472
The Kids Are All Right2010122,988
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome1985122,504
Wild Hogs2007111,798
National Lampoon's Animal House1978108,263
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance2011107,394
Dawn of the Dead1978107,346
Easy Rider196995,166
The Motorcycle Diaries200493,918
Hot Rod200773,589
Motorcycle movies receiving the most votes on IMDB (April 2020). Source: IMDB.

Weighted average

Intuitively, we should be cautious trusting ratings, good or bad, for films which have received few votes. Each new vote has the potential to move the average rating significantly upwards or downwards. The rating for a given movie may well fluctuate wildly until such time that it has received a ’large enough’ number of votes for it to settle and approach its ’true value’. Until then it is probably more reliable to consider that a movie is ‘average’ until enough votes have been gathered to prove otherwise. Average in this case would mean the average of all ratings for all motorcycle movies on our list. As more votes are added, we can give more weight to a films individual rating and allow it to move away from the safe, group average towards its own average score.

This is the idea behind the Bayesian weighted average   which is often used to rank movies, beers and other items based on on-line ratings. To calculate the weighted average, we define a threshold number of votes (m) that would start to give us confidence that the rating is believable. As the number of votes increases beyond m, more weight is given to the films individual rating.

The charts below show the average weights vs. number of votes for m = 0 and m = 200. At m = 0 (i.e. no threshold is applied and even small numbers of votes are allowed to influence rank), there is a cluster of films including ‘The Proud Rider’ (1971) which have a higher than average score. The IMDb average rating for our list of motorcycle movies is 5.65.

Let us suppose that, for our ranking purposes, every member of NAM would need to have voted for the score to have been considered significant and set m = 200. When the number of votes is below 200, the weighted average score collapses to the group mean. As the number of votes pass 200, the weighted averages spread out as we start to trust each film’s average score.

Now we have been able to prioritise movies, we need to know which are available for lockdown viewing.

Relationship between IMDB average rating and votes, April 2020
Relationship between IMDB average rating and votes, April 2020

Availability of motorcycle movies

Streaming services

At the time of writing, 150 motorcycle movies are available to buy or rent instantly on Amazon Prime, Apple TV or YouTube (Google Play) or watch with a subscription to Netflix and NowTV. There is a big difference in the number of biker movies found on each platform, however. If lockdown lasts many months, Amazon Prime and AppleTV are best placed to keep us served with a new biker movie every week. Netflix and NowTV each have only six of our titles available.

Availability of motorcycle movies on different streaming platforms, April 2020

When it comes to buying or renting, median prices are competitive across all streaming services whether downloading in standard- or high-definition. There are a few exceptions (as indicated by the black circles in the boxplot   below). Expect to pay a little more for a recent title or a blockbuster.

Comparison of streaming prices April 2020


As of April 2020, 152 titles were listed as available to buy new on Amazon UK and the range of prices found shown below. The two most expensive films listed, ‘Call the Mesquiteers’ (1938) and ‘Killer Biker Chicks’ (2009), are priced at over £100!

TitleYearPrice (£)
Call the Mesquiteers1938150.98
Killer Biker Chicks2009100.90
Devil's Angels196774.78
Dawn of the Dead197858.99
Hells Angels Forever198358.19
Tattoo, a love story200249.51
Hell's Angels '69196939.95
Point Doom200037.85
Biker Zombies from Detroit200136.99
10 most expensive DVDs listed as available new on amazon.co.uk (April 2020). Source: Amazon.

Motorcycle movies - the list

The following table lists all of the motorcycle movies identified. In some cases, films may only feature riding or bikes for a few minutes. Weighted ratings, derived from IMDb scores, are provided for guidance and interest only. They do not reflect the opinions or endorsement of any individual motorcyclist or Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists.

We have tried to present as comprehensive a list of biker movies as possible, without censorship. Some films reflect outdated attitudes and do not represent the values and diversity of Northumbria Advanced Motorcyclists.

TitleYearWeighted RatingGenreStreaming
Code Two19536.1Action, Crime, Drama
Motorcycle Gang19575.7Drama
The Wild Angels19665.7Action, Drama, Thriller
I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle19905.6Comedy, HorrorAmazon Prime
Hitting the Apex20158.2Documentary, SportAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Mondo Enduro
Satan's Sadists19694.8Action, Drama, Horror
Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross20166.8DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
The Great Escape19638.2Adventure, Drama, HistoryAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube, Netflix
Wild Hogs20075.8Action, Adventure, ComedyAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Handy Manny's Motorcycle Adventure2009AppleTV
Akira19888.0Animation, Drama, Sci-FiAmazon Prime, AppleTV
Maniacs On Wheels19496.1Drama, Romance, Sport
Motovudu - Dark Art Of Performance
Electra Glide in Blue19737.1Crime, Drama, Mystery
Nitro Circus: The Movie20126.7Action, Comedy, DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Ghost Rider20075.2Action, Fantasy, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV
Ghost Rider 5
Easy Rider19697.3Adventure, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Rumble Fish19837.2Crime, Drama, RomanceAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Road To Paloma20146.1Drama, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man19916.2Action, Crime, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV
Mondo Sahara2013Amazon Prime
The Wild One19536.8Crime, Drama, RomanceAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
MotoGP: Racing Together 1949-20162017AppleTV
Out Of Nothing20146.3Biography, Documentary, Family
The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid20067.0Documentary
The Purple Helmets - Total Sh*Te
The Girl on a Motorcycle19685.3Drama, RomanceAmazon Prime
Knightriders19816.3Action, Drama
Inferno19995.2Action, Comedy, Drama
Inferno19995.9Action, Comedy, Drama
Inferno19995.2Action, Crime, Thriller
Inferno19995.9Action, Crime, Thriller
CHIPS20176.0Action, Comedy, CrimeAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube, Netflix
Missionary Man20075.1Action, Drama, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Torque20044.1Action, Comedy, CrimeAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
I Superbiker20115.8Action, Documentary, SportAmazon Prime, AppleTV
The Losers19705.5Action, Drama, Thriller
Warrior of the Lost World19832.7Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Dust to Glory20057.2Action, Adventure, Documentary
Hells Angels On Wheels19675.2Crime, Drama, Thriller
Werewolves on Wheels19714.5Horror
Biker Mice From Mars: A Mouse And His Motorcycle1993
Bit By The Dragon
Neil Morrissey: Motorbike Mania
Me and Will19995.3Drama
Gory Gory Hallelujah20034.9Comedy, Fantasy, HorrorAmazon Prime
Dhoom20046.7Action, ThrillerAppleTV, YouTube
The Brown Bunny20035.0DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV
Nightmare Beach19895.3HorrorAmazon Prime
Outlaws20175.5Crime, Drama, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube, NowTV
White Knuckle: The Story of The Motorcycle Cannonball20125.8DocumentaryAmazon Prime
Full Throttle19956.0Biography, Sport
Street Anarchy
Michael Michael Motorcycle
Bolt19955.2Action, Crime, Drama
The Courier20195.0Action, Crime, DramaAppleTV, YouTube
Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann19825.4Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
She-Devils on Wheels19684.9Action, Crime, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
The Last Riders19925.3Action, DramaAmazon Prime
Motocross Zombies from Hell20073.2Horror
Burn Out20176.1Action, ThrillerNetflix
Speed Is My Need20195.6Documentary, SportAmazon Prime, Netflix
Easy Rider 2: The Ride Home20123.9Adventure, DramaAppleTV, YouTube
Easy Wheels19894.9Action, Comedy
the Purple Helmets: On Any Sh*te Sunday
I, Superbiker: Day of Reckoning2013Documentary, SportAmazon Prime
I, Superbiker: The War for Four20145.4Documentary, SportAmazon Prime
I, Superbiker 5: Split Second20155.6DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV
I Superbiker 2 - The Showdown2012SportAmazon Prime, AppleTV
I, Superbiker: Clash Of Nations2016Amazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Top Grier20165.6Reality-TVNetflix
Road20147.6Documentary, SportAmazon Prime
Darktown Strutters19755.1Action, Comedy, MusicalAmazon Prime
Point Doom20004.4Action, Crime, DramaAmazon Prime
Free to Wander2013Amazon Prime
Ride On The Movie2019Amazon Prime
The World's Fastest Indian20057.8Biography, Drama, SportAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Oil In The Blood20195.7DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
The Place Beyond The Pines20127.3Crime, Drama, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Man on a Motorcycle20096.1Drama, Short
The Savage Seven19685.6Action, Crime, Drama
The Motorcycle Diaries20047.8Adventure, Biography, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV
Devil's Angels19675.2Action, Crime, Drama
Evel Knievel19715.2Action, Biography, Drama
Viva Knievel!19773.7Action, Adventure, BiographyAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
The Last of the Gladiators19885.9Documentary
C.C. & Company19705.0Action, Comedy, Drama
I Am Evel Knievel20146.3Documentary
Being Evel20156.8Action, Biography, Documentary
Hot Rod20076.7Comedy, SportAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube, Netflix, NowTV
Run, Angel, Run!19695.5Action, Drama
Megaforce19823.9Action, Sci-Fi
Streets of Fire19846.7Action, Crime, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Stone Cold19916.0Action, Crime, DramaAmazon Prime
Biker Boyz20034.6Action, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
The Born Losers19676.0Action, Drama, Thriller
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance20114.3Action, Fantasy, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Black Rain19896.7Action, Crime, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Rokon Nation: The Other American Motorcycle Legend2018Amazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Motorbike Cops2018Reality-TV
Into The Dust2017Documentary
The Black Rider19545.5Crime, Thriller
On Any Sunday19717.5Documentary, Sport
On Any Sunday II19816.1Documentary
On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter20146.6Action, Adventure, DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Motorcycle Girl20186.5BiographyAmazon Prime
Why We Ride20137.2Documentary, Family, HistoryAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
The Rebel Rousers19704.4Crime, Drama
Angel Unchained19705.3Action, Drama, Thriller
Angels Hard as They Come19715.0Action, Drama, Thriller
Born to Ride19915.3ActionAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Savages from Hell19685.5Action, Drama
Fast Charlie... the Moonbeam Rider19795.7Comedy
Hell Ride20085.1Action, Drama, Thriller
The Leather Boys19646.7Drama, RomanceAmazon Prime
Dragstrip Riot19585.6Action, Drama
The Death Wheelers19735.8Adventure, HorrorAmazon Prime, YouTube
Dear God No!20114.5Comedy, HorrorAmazon Prime
On Any Sunday Revisited2004
The Cycle Savages19695.2Action, Drama
Evel Knievel: The Last American Daredevil2014YouTube
No Limit19356.1Comedy, Musical, Sport
Attack the Gas Station! 220106.0Action, Comedy
Buyusenki Battle Chronicles20085.6Action, Adventure, Crime
The Kids Are All Right20107.0Comedy, Drama, RomanceAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
TT3D: Closer to the Edge20117.9Documentary, Sport
The Violent Kind20104.8HorrorAmazon Prime
Under and Alone2010
Mammuth20106.1Comedy, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV
Machine Gun Preacher20116.8Action, Biography, CrimeAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Quick20115.8Action, Comedy, Crime
Fastest20117.6Action, Documentary, SportAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Travellers20114.7Action, Drama, ThrillerAppleTV
The Baytown Outlaws20126.4Action, Comedy, CrimeAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
The Best Bar In America20096.2Adventure, WesternAmazon Prime
Girl Meets Bike2013Drama
Blue Skies, Green Waters, Red Earth20137.6Adventure, DramaYouTube
Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs20145.7Adventure, DocumentaryAmazon Prime
Penton: The John Penton Story20145.7Adventure, Biography, Documentary
Irumbu Kuthirai20145.0Action, DramaAmazon Prime, YouTube
Dhoom 320135.4Action, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Mad Max: Fury Road20158.1Action, Adventure, Sci-FiAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Biker's Adda20155.8Action
Frankenstein Created Bikers20166.1Action, Crime, HorrorAmazon Prime
American Dresser20185.3Comedy, Romance, Thriller
Hochelaga20006.6Crime, Drama
The Road20005.6Action, Drama, Romance
Girl Gone Bad20006.0Documentary
Motocrossed20016.6Action, Adventure, Family
Lone Hero20025.6Action, Adventure, Drama
Leather and Iron20022.5Action, Adventure, Crime
Motorcycle Women2002Documentary
Tattoo, a love story20026.4Comedy, Drama, Romance
Road Kings20035.8Action, Drama
Danny Deckchair20036.7Comedy, Romance
One Man's Island20035.9Documentary
Faster20037.5DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Motocross Kids20044.5Action, Adventure, Family
Silver Hawk20045.1Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Choppertown: the Sinners20056.2Action, Adventure, DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV
The Rain Makers20055.0Action, Drama
Supercross20054.4Action, Drama, RomanceAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
The Seeker20055.4Documentary
Glory Road: The Legacy of the African-American Motorcyclist2005\NAmazon Prime
Hessians MC20055.8DocumentaryAmazon Prime
Greed20064.2Action, Horror, ThrillerAmazon Prime
Dhoom 220066.5Action, ThrillerAppleTV, YouTube
Riding Solo to the Top of the World20066.7Documentary
Choppertown: From the Vault20065.6Adventure, Crime, DocumentaryAmazon Prime
Vampire Biker Babes20075.5Horror
The Indian20076.7Drama, Family, Romance
One Million Motorcycles2007Documentary
Brittown20085.9DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV
Free Style20084.4DramaAppleTV
Exit Speed20085.2ThrillerAppleTV
Heroes20085.6Action, Adventure, Comedy
One Week20087.0Adventure, Drama
Redline America20085.8Documentary
The Harbortown Bobber2009Action, Adventure, DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV
Chrome Angels20094.3Action, Sci-Fi
The Best Bar in America20096.2Adventure, WesternAmazon Prime
One Crazy Ride20096.0Documentary
Finding B.C. the Biker Chick2009Action, Adventure, Comedy
Killer Biker Chicks20094.6Action, Comedy, Horror
Poker Run20094.4Thriller
Danger Zone III: Steel Horse War19905.3ActionAmazon Prime
Cry-Baby19906.5Comedy, MusicalAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
The Boyfriend School19906.0Comedy, Romance
The Final Alliance19904.9Action, Drama
Masters of Menace19905.5Comedy
A Moment of Romance19907.1Action, Crime, Romance
Blood Ties19915.4Horror, Thriller
Dark Rider19915.6Action, Adventure, Crime
Cool as Ice19913.0Comedy, Drama, MusicAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Beyond the Law19936.6Crime, Drama, ThrillerAppleTV
Motor Psycho19925.5Action, Horror, Thriller
The Silencer19924.6Action, Crime, Thriller
Sweet Justice19924.8Action, Crime, Drama
Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell19926.0Action
Chrome Soldiers19925.0Action, Drama
Roadside Prophets19926.4Adventure, Comedy, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
A Moment of Romance II19935.9Action, Crime, Romance
Running Cool19936.1Action
Dear Diary19937.3Biography, Comedy, DramaAmazon Prime, YouTube
The Last Border19934.9Action, Adventure, Comedy
Iron Horsemen19945.2Action, Comedy
Ride with the Wind19946.0Adventure, Drama
The Lazy Man's Zen1994Documentary
She Lives to Ride1995Documentary
Death Riders19945.4ActionAppleTV
The Stranger19954.6Action
The Demolitionist19954.6Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Rumble in the Bronx19956.8Action, Comedy, CrimeAppleTV, YouTube
Barb Wire19963.3Action, Sci-FiAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube, NowTV
Violetta, the Motorcycle Queen19975.7\N
Ground Rules19975.1Action
Flat Out19995.8DramaAmazon Prime
Biker Dreams19985.9Documentary
Zombie Cult Massacre19984.9Action, Horror, Thriller
CHiPs '9919985.5Crime, Drama
The Legend of Speed19996.0Action, Thriller
Steal WheelsAction
Murdercycle19994.1Action, Sci-FiAmazon Prime
The Privateer20095.7DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV
The Wild Ride of Outlaw Bikers1999Documentary
La Bande du Rex19805.6Drama
The Great Skycopter Rescue19805.6Action, Adventure
Pick-up Summer19804.9Comedy
Spetters19806.6Drama, Romance, Sport
Hog Wild19805.4Comedy
Survival Run19805.7Biography, Documentary, Short
Intrépidos punks19885.9Action, Crime
Any Which Way You Can19806.2Action, ComedyAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Crazy Thunder Road19806.3Action
Take It to the Limit19795.9Documentary, Sport
Mad Foxes19815.4Action, Thriller
Nomad Riders19845.4Action
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior19817.6Action, Adventure, Sci-FiAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Return of the Rebels19815.5Drama
Silver Dream Racer19805.5Action, Drama, Sport
1990: The Bronx Warriors19825.3Action, Sci-Fi, ThrillerAmazon Prime
The Aftermath19824.6Sci-Fi, ThrillerAppleTV
Grease 219824.4Comedy, Drama, MusicalAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
The Loveless19816.0DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
2019: After the Fall of New York19835.6Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Escape from the Bronx19834.7Action, Sci-Fi, ThrillerAmazon Prime
Hells Angels Forever19835.9Documentary, Drama, Music
Çöl19835.5Action, Crime, Thriller
Survival Zone19835.0Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Young Warriors19835.0Action, Crime, Drama
Hell Riders19844.8Action, Drama
Space Riders19845.6Drama, Sport
Purple Rain19846.6Drama, Music, MusicalAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Reckless19846.3Comedy, Drama, Romance
I guerrieri dell'anno 207219845.0Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
City Limits19842.9Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
The Dirt Bike Kid19855.6Comedy, Family, FantasyAmazon Prime, YouTube
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome19856.3Action, Adventure, Sci-FiAmazon Prime, AppleTV, NowTV
Mask19857.2Biography, Drama
Savage Dawn19855.2Action, Drama
Street Hawk19856.7Action, Crime, Mystery
Restless Natives19856.9Comedy, Crime
Eat The Peach19866.0Comedy
Eye of the Tiger19865.7Action, Drama
Vamp19865.9Comedy, Fantasy, HorrorAmazon Prime, YouTube
Land of Doom19864.2Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cyclone19874.8Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Winners Take All19876.1Action, Adventure, Romance
Cobra nero19874.8Action
The Danger Zone19875.5Action
Warlords From Hell19875.6Action, Adventure
The Dark Side Of The Sun19885.5Drama, RomanceAppleTV
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown19894.2Comedy, Horror
Eversmile New Jersey19895.5Comedy, Drama, RomanceAmazon Prime, YouTube
Crossing the Line19905.7Action, Drama
Race for Glory19895.9ActionAppleTV
Nam Angels19895.4Action, Adventure, WarAmazon Prime
All About Ah-Long19897.1Drama
Danger Zone II: Reaper's Revenge19895.7Action
Bolidi sull'asfalto a tutta birra!19705.6\N
Angels Die Hard19705.6Action, Drama
Black Angels19705.4Action, Drama
Devil Rider!19705.3Action, Drama
Hell's Bloody Devils19704.5Action, Crime, Drama
Little Fauss and Big Halsy19705.9DramaAmazon Prime, YouTube
Weekend with the Babysitter19704.3Drama
No Blade of Grass19706.0Drama, Sci-FiAmazon Prime, YouTube
Bigfoot19703.3Horror, Sci-Fi, ThrillerAmazon Prime, YouTube
Stray Cat Rock: Wild Jumbo19706.0Action, Crime, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter19706.2Crime, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal19706.0Action, Crime, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Stray Cat Rock: Beat '7119715.8Action, Crime, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Chrome and Hot Leather19715.5Action, Drama
Zubeko banchô: Hamagure kazoe uta19715.7Action, Crime, Drama
Queen Bee Strikes Again19715.8Action, Crime, Drama
The Hard Ride19715.5Action, Drama
The Jesus Trip19715.8Action, Drama
Outlaw Riders19715.7Action, Drama
The Peace Killers19715.6Action, Crime, Drama
Pink Angels19715.2Comedy
The Proud Rider19715.7Action, Drama
The Tormentors19714.8Crime, Drama
Vanishing Point19717.2Action, Crime, Thriller
Wild Riders19715.1Crime, Thriller
The Windsplitter19715.6Adventure, Drama
Continental Circus19725.9Documentary
Angels' Wild Women19724.2Action
Bury Me an Angel19715.6Action, Drama
The Dirt Gang19723.7Action, Drama
Bad, Bad, Gang!19725.5Adult, Crime
Sukeban gerira19726.3Action
J.C.19725.4Action, Adventure, Drama
The Thing with Two Heads19724.5Comedy, Sci-Fi
The Loners19725.4Action, Drama
Sleazy Rider19725.4Adult, Crime
The Bloody Slaying of Sarah Ridelander19734.5Horror, Thriller
Hex19735.2Drama, Horror, Western
Road of Death19735.3Action, Crime, Drama
Teenager19745.7Action, Drama
The Black 619734.4Action, Drama
Pray for the Wildcats19745.8Thriller
Stone19746.3Action, Adventure, Crime
What Have They Done to Your Daughters?19746.8Action, Crime, Thriller
You and Me19745.7Drama
L'agression19755.4Crime, Drama
Sidecar Racers19755.7Drama
Trip with the Teacher19754.6Crime, Drama, Horror
Qui comincia l'avventura1975
Bakuhatsu! Nana-han zoku19765.6Action, Crime
Bakuhatsu! Boso yugi19765.7Action, Crime
Boso no kisetsu1976Crime
Goddo supiido yuu! Burakku emparaa19766.3Documentary
The Gumball Rally19766.3ComedyAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Hollywood Man19765.4Action, Crime, Drama
Northville Cemetery Massacre19765.9Action, Crime, Drama
Wu fa wu tian fei che dang19765.8Crime, Thriller
One Away19765.5Action, Crime, Drama
Checkered Flag or Crash19775.2Adventure, Comedy
Sidewinder 119775.7Action, Drama
The Gauntlet19776.4Action, Crime, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Cosy Cool19775.5Action, Adventure, Drama
Foul Play19776.0Drama
National Lampoon's Animal House19787.5ComedyAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Cycle Vixens19785.3Action, Drama
Dawn of the Dead19787.9Horror, Thriller
Deathsport19784.3Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Every Which Way But Loose19786.4Action, ComedyAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Dirt19795.8Documentary, Sport
Mad Max19796.9Action, Adventure, Sci-FiAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Quadrophenia19797.3Drama, MusicAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Some People19625.9Drama, MusicalAmazon Prime
These Are The Damned19626.5Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Roustabout19646.1Drama, Music, MusicalAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Scorpio Rising19636.8Music, Short
Motorpsycho!19656.0Action, Thriller
The Love Merchant19665.7Drama
The Girls from Thunder Strip19705.3Action, DramaAmazon Prime
Outlaw Motorcycles19665.6Short
Teenage Gang Debs19665.8Crime
The Glory Stompers19675.3Action, Drama
The Hellcats19682.3ThrillerAppleTV
The Wild Rebels19672.9Crime, Drama
Angels from Hell19685.4Action
The Angry Breed19685.4DramaAmazon Prime
À tout casser19685.4Action, Comedy, Crime
Hells Chosen Few19686.2Action, Crime
The Mini-Skirt Mob19685.1Action, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV
The Sweet Ride19685.7Drama
It's a Revolution Mother19695.8Documentary
Five the Hard Way19692.1Action, Sport
Scream Free!19695.6Action, Drama
Hell's Belles19695.6Action, Drama, Thriller
Hell's Angels '6919695.6Action, Drama
Naked Angels19695.2Drama, Thriller
Sinner's Blood19695.5Drama
Sisters in Leather19695.3Action, Crime, Drama
Wild Wheels19695.5Action, Drama
The Uncontrollable Motorcycle1909Short
Alkali Ike's Motorcycle1912Comedy, Short
A Motorcycle Adventure1912Drama
Mabel at the Wheel19145.7Comedy, Short
A Motorcycle Elopement1915Comedy, Short
Sherlock Jr.19248.2Action, Comedy, Romance
Step On It19365.5Action, Drama, Romance
Call the Mesquiteers19385.8Action, Adventure, Western
They Caught the Ferry19486.8Drama, Horror, Short
A.T.M.: ¡¡A toda máquina!!19517.4Comedy, Drama
The Pace That Thrills19525.7Action, Drama, Romance
An American in Rome19546.8Comedy
One Way Ticket to Hell19554.8Crime, Drama
I fidanzati della morte19575.9Drama
The Hot Angel19585.7DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Ivy League Killers19595.7Action, Crime
The Motorcycle Cops19595.7Comedy
The Greasy Hands Preachers20146.2DocumentaryAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Kings of the Road19767.7DramaAppleTV
Love Speed and Loss2005DocumentaryAmazon Prime, YouTube
Motociklu vasara19755.9Romance
Motorcycle Gang19945.0Action
Motorcycle Karma2009Documentary
The Mouse and the MotorcycleAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
1971 Motorcycle Heart20175.7Biography, Romance, ShortAmazon Prime
Jurnjava za motorom19595.7\N
Vende-se esta moto2017Drama
Of Men and Motorcycles2008Documentary, Short
Haine19805.7Drama, Thriller
His Motorbike, Her Island19866.0Drama, Romance
Terminator 2: Judgment Day19918.5Action, Sci-FiAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube, NowTV
Fei ying gai wak1991
Pulp Fiction19948.9Crime, DramaAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Tomorrow Never Dies19976.5Action, Adventure, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Hellblock 1319994.6Horror, Thriller
Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels19994.6Comedy, HorrorAmazon Prime
Biker Zombies from Detroit20013.4Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End20135.0Action
Skyfall20127.7Action, Adventure, ThrillerAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube
Gemini Man20195.7Action, Drama, Sci-FiAmazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube, NowTV
List of motorcycle movies. Last updated: April 2020.

The breakdown of films by genre is shown below. (Films may be assigned to multiple genres.)

Count of motorcycle movies by genre, April 2020

Movie reel and Cinebox

Looking beyond the big screen, British Pathé   and British Film Institute   have preserved historic news reels and amateur cinefilm from Britain and abroad. There are numerous, fascinating motorcycle clips available to view free of charge including:

In 1948, director Carl Theodor Dreyer made the cautionary ‘De nåede færgen’ (They Caught The Ferry).


Do you know of a motorcycle movie that I’ve missed or that you would recommend? Let me know! Please send your comments to email.

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